Aesthetic Center of the Indian Ocean

In search of your image, enter a reassuring world, discover services of excellence and attentive listening.

The INDIAN OCEAN AESTHETIC SURGERY CENTER in Mauritius, has federated the best professional skills, in an exceptional environment. In all simplicity, push the doors of beauty today.

Our Concept awaits you in the presence of Specialists, all Members of Professional Associations globally recognized. Hair Transplant, Dental Care and Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

Who is all our know-how for? A men and women who aspire to a better-being, to find the image of oneself, but who doubt … And yet, some do not hesitate to cross the seas to come to us, even from the end of the world. We thank them every day for honoring us with their trust.

FIND YOUR HAIR FOR LIFE …… and if it was in Mauritius? They are about 400 men and women every year to push the door of the Center of Aesthetic Surgery of the Indian Ocean, which for nearly 20 years is considered as one of the world references of the hair transplant, thanks to the method of FUE Density® capillary transfer, no scar and no pain. It is not easy to confess his complexes about his baldness, let alone confide it to his relatives. This is also why we know here at our Center in Mauritius, preserve the confidentiality. And many patients around the world have given us their trust.

DENTISTRY, THE REVOLUTION OF A PROFESSION. The dental surgery center is a concentrate of technologies rarely equaled in the world, where everything is brought together to ensure a high level of care in a minimum time. Gathered on the same technical platform, the panoramic / scanner radio, the optical cameras for the taking of impressions, the robots of last generation for the instant manufacture of onlays, facets or crowns in pure ceramic immediately put in mouth, and the best dental implantology skills. You do not go out anymore? Your mouth continues to deteriorate despite the dental care you do? We offer a new approach to your care by taking over the problem at the base as an architect does when restoring a home.

LIGHT AND NATURAL PLASTIC SURGERY, to carve your body or remedy imperfections. Let’s mention the most commonly performed acts: The Easylift Facelift – light and natural technique, eyelid surgery, breast surgery – breast lift, reduction, augmentation or breast reconstruction, liposuction of all areas of the body, liposculpture – fat reinjection and also intimate surgery for both women and men.

  • Morcellement Jhuboo Avenue des Rougets 50 Mt à gauche de la Police Station
  • 22304
  • Trou aux Biches