Archemia design

Agency of architecture and design established in Morocco for almost 10 years.
Our motto is « Doing a job that combines creativity and technicality while being attentive to the customer by constantly keeping in mind our main quality sobriety ».

As a provider:

• We offer our clients a global approach to their project: from the design of new projects, to the restructuring of volumes and the interior design of their home.
• We work based on their desires, their budget and their way of life or work. It can be a construction project, an extension of their space (housing, offices, trade), an elevation or an extension of a house.
• Through our training and experience, we commit our responsibility to our mission.
• We also assist our clients in all the administrative procedures necessary for the implementation of development projects: obtaining a building permit, prior declaration of works, etc.
• Our expertise also allows us to analyze all the project data before starting any construction or renovation work: technical constraints (load-bearing walls, plumbing, electrical plan), participation of design offices, optimization of your budget, choice of building materials.
• We thus advise on the feasibility of projects according to the regulations, the potential of your surface, your needs and uses and your budget.
• We participate upstream in the development of concept and imagine, with our customers, the identity of the projects.
• In the management and implementation of projects we negotiate and control quotes with the various service providers (suppliers, craftsmen, general building companies), to ensure optimal value for money.
• We also follow closely with the customers the good execution of our projects only guarantee of a quality guarantee of our reputation.

• Our areas of expertise are therefore quite diverse and concern:
o Architect design, monitoring and coordination of works
o Interior designer
o Commercial architecture, namely the development of shops, offices, restaurants, nightclubs
o Broker working on a construction site
o Council purchase on plan of a new flat or villa in VEFA
o Diagnosis and advice before buying real estate
o Interior makeover of your apartment or house

• The owners who trust us:
o Ilem group: Office tops, Casablanca / Switzerland
o Fedex Morocco: Secondary residences, Rabat / Marrakech
o Mandaloun Restaurant: Restaurant Lounge, Marrakech
o Raspoutine Club: Club Lounge, Paris / Marrakech
o Palais Ronsard: Charming Hotel, Marrakech
o Rose Sultan: Guesthouse, Marrakech
o Shems home: Real Estate Agency, Marrakech
o Agadir beach Club: 5 star hotel

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