The airline Atlas Blue, a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Air Maroc (RAM) was created on May 28, 2004. It provides international connections connecting the Moroccan cities of Marrakech and Agadir to different European countries. The offer initially includes the French, Italian, Belgian, Dutch, German, English and Swiss markets. The ambition of our company is to expand its field of activity in the next 5 years to other European countries. The flights are open to foreign tourists as well as to Moroccan residents abroad and to local residents.

The Atlas Blue company has set out to offer advantageous and competitive rates, thus encouraging the development of the Moroccan skies and the frequency of flights to and from Morocco. Atlas Blue offers a point-to-point service offering at a level of competitiveness in line with international best practices and in compliance with the most stringent safety standards in force in the air transport sector. The customer will have a diversified and attractive pricing offer. The distribution system favored by Atlas Blue is direct selling. It consists of online purchases, a call center adapted to each geographical region and a dedicated network.

Atlas Blue currently has a young fleet of six Boeing B 737-400 aircraft with 168 seats. Atlas Blue’s development policy is ambitious. It will result in the acquisition of two aircraft per year. Thus the fleet will consist of 14 aircraft in 2008-2009 before moving to 24 aircraft by 2012.