Huahine Pearl Farm & Pottery

On the lagoon of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, a pearl farm.

Welcome to HUAHINE, and its unique pearl farm.

We invite you to enjoy this exceptional site, discover the magic of the Black Pearl, and admire our unique pottery, famous in Polynesia.

What we found essential when making pearl farming in HUAHINE was to live in harmony with nature. We have therefore actively participated in the establishment of an environmental protection association to preserve the treasures of the island of HUAHINE.

We are now proud to be able to enjoy at the pearl farm an incredible diversity of different animals such as butterfly fish, boobies who come to land on the pontoon, dolphins, whales and even the worst enemy of pearls: sea ​​turtles.

Being very fond of the nacres they reveled with their powerful beak, turtles posed a real problem; but thanks to a roasting system, we were able to protect our nacres and still enjoy the presence of these exceptional animals around the farm.

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