Office du Tourisme et des Congrés de Paris

The Paris Tourist Office and its missions

Created at the joint initiative of the City of Paris and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, in the form of a non-profit organization governed by the law of July 1, 1901, the Office of Tourism and Congress of Paris was entrusted with 3 major missions:

Reception, information and promotion of the capital

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau represents the City of Paris and the “Department 75” also has a very specific role, where it also fulfills the role of Departmental Committee of Tourism.

It informs about tourist structures, hosts visitor flows to the extent of the European capital if not global tourism (Paris receives more than 24 million visitors each year).

It represents the driving forces of Parisian tourism to the various institutions and administrative commissions concerned.

In the field of leisure tourism and business tourism, the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau works in close collaboration with professionals and institutions, called to joint actions.

In France and abroad, on public and professional fairs, the role of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau is to give visitors a strong image of the destination, in the face of increasing international competition. vivid.

At the same time, the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau organizes receptions for travel agents to invite them to a more intense program, even different from the capital.

Finally, receptions from journalists contribute to the promotion of the products, and the image of the destination PARIS.