Pierre Marly Opticien

Pierre Marly arrives in the world of optics around the years 45-50 at a time when the glasses were still an unloved accessory close to the prosthesis: some forms (round, oval), two materials (acetate and doubled-gold), a color (shell). Pierre Marly will change all that and give a new dimension, create new forms completely original, introduced the color in his models.

He will be the first to introduce eyewear fashion in 1951.

Opening of the first store rue François 1er, within the Golden Triangle.

The success is not long in waiting and confirms its status as the first designer in eyewear.
In 1952 he creates for Audrey Hepburn a model that is all the rage. It was very large and equipped with curved glasses. Then it was for Sophia Loren a model in the form of a television screen in very bright colors.

These eccentricities will attract the stars, the journalists and he becomes from 1960 the avant-garde optician. His clientele is composed of movie stars, show business, big names in politics and international diplomacy, for whom he creates successive models that will remain famous.

Since 1970, despite the mass arrival of branded glasses (Dior, Saint-Laurent, Courrèges …), Pierre Marly remains faithful to his image of avant-garde optician anxious to create a limited number of models and distribute them in small series. Each year, it will be a strong, inventive, sometimes provocative collection with unusual shapes and bold colors, a refined, sophisticated and upscale collection based on natural materials such as wood, buffalo horn, tortoiseshell and leather. To do this, Pierre MARLY ensures the collaboration of Gérard GUILBERT for the technical part.
It completes its collections with exclusivities unearthed abroad and which it reserves the distribution in France.

The philosophy of Pierre Marly: ensure visual comfort, advise the fashion accessory, the clothing element that will make forget the visual defect, determine the criteria that will contribute to the choice of the frame.

If a clientele of first choice knows Pierre Marly, it is for sure because of the incomparable quality of the service which is proposed to him by a competent staff in a decor marked with luxury and seriousness.