The Butler Experience

The Butler Experience melds the time-honoured tradition of the butler service with 21st century sophistication through refined disruption.

The Butler Experience offers Lifestyle Architects, experts that exceed and redefine the services of a traditional butler, designers of extraordinary everyday life.

We like to think of ourselves as purveyors of excellent form, crafters of a savoir-vivre that exudes tropical elegance, combining premium hospitality expertise with a Personal Assistant’s level of dedication and detail.
Your Lifestyle Architect possesses in-depth knowledge of the destination you’re flying to, its culture, its hidden gems, and the minute particulars of the place you’ve decided to call home during your trip. They understand all your preferences down to the last exacting detail. They’ve also acquired thorough knowledge of your culture and your home.

They master food & beverage, grocery, shopping, housekeeping, villa & resort service, social gathering, chauffeuring, and a host of recreational activities ­– and no request is too last-minute.

Our Lifestyle Architects are all intellectually gifted; they are service-passionate, instinctively proactive, offer proposals, know when to take decisions and execute them with finesse, and act with integrity for the benefit of your experience.