Touaou Croisières

Come visit and admire New Caledonia, the lagoon, the islets, the reef and the bays while sailing aboard a large cruising catamaran, safe and comfortable.

From Noumea, the destinations are multiple and depend on the duration of the cruise.

The Isle of Pines, located one or two days sailing and the Loyalty Islands, Mare, Lifou and Ouvea, two or three days, offer opportunities for anchoring in sumptuous scenery.

A duration of one week allows to begin to enjoy the happiness of sailing in these islands. Otherwise, it is possible, if Touaou has been positioned, to fly to the islands and some days by sea shuttle.

For two to three days, departing from Nouméa, the ideal is to sail in the small islets around a few hours of navigation, such as Amédée island or Goéland island.

  • Nouméa